Restaurant Remodeling Essentials

Restaurant remodeling by Diversified Construction in St Paul Minnesota

One of the most competitive industries, the business of operating and maintaining restaurants is a cutthroat competition that requires a lot of attention and care. With many emerging talented chefs and investors backing them, there is truly a serious competition to get diners on a daily basis. One of the best ways to ensure your restaurant remains trendy, updated and in the radar of the dining public is to have restaurant remodeling done by a reputable remodeling company such as Diversified Construction. While it is indeed complicated to plan for work construction and renovation, studies show that a restaurant remodel every 5 to 10 years can give you up to 40% net increase in your daily sales record. Here are some of the prime essentials of restaurant remodeling.

Let’s Talk Logistics

The real cost of restaurant remodeling can be based on the size of your business, budget, the extent of the redesign and of course, your location. If you are thinking of undergoing a restaurant remodeling project, the first thing that you need to determine is how much money you should put into the construction remodel project, then fashion a budget to carry out your plans. There are many factors that you need to consider such as:

  • Present sales
  • Operating expenses
  • Business financing eligibility
  • New Loan terms
  • Amount you can afford to spend out-of-pocket
  • Impact of the restaurant remodel on the cash-flow in the short term

One important aspect to note when you plan on your new restaurant construction project is the price point of your food and dining business. For instance, if you are operating a fast food joint, there is really no immediate need to spend a lot on aesthetics so as to meet your customers’ expectations compared to a high-end dinner place might.

Staying Open During The Remodel

The average length of time of a typical restaurant renovation project takes around 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Unless your renovation plans are only minor, there is certainly a point where you need to close for at least a section of the work. Many if not all restaurant owners find it frightening to consider closing their dining establishments for the time being as this is their primary income stream. However, a study done discovered that businesses especially restaurants that temporarily closed for renovation, saw a much bigger increase in sales, once work was completed compared to those that chose to remain open.

Probably the biggest reason to close is that, in between the noise, dust and debris, equipment lying around, it is practically impossible to provide the same quality of service to your customers during the renovation. Keep in mind that bad service can do more damage to drive away customers than the idea of having to wait for the reopening. You can lessen the impact of the restaurant’s closing by finalizing the renovation details of work and coordinating with your builder with timelines for each section with your new restaurant construction company.

Announcing the Restaurant Remodel

Staff – It is important that you do the right thing and announce the renovation including the timeline for closing to your staff as soon as work is about to commence. A lot of owners fear that closing too soon might leave them short of staff in the lead up as their current employees begin to find other sources of income. However, if you offer your staff time to budget for a new renovation, it can lower the probability that your best people might leave.

Customers – You can announce the restaurant renovation at least a week before closing or as soon as your contractors begin work in areas where your customers will notice. Throughout the renovation, you should share updates by providing images of the project on social media or your restaurant website in order to drum up excitement. Announce the reopening at least 1 week before the actual date along with any promos and specials you offer for your returning customers.

Remember Your Regular Customers

Restaurant renovation provides a big opportunity to attract new customers to your place. However, if you already have a loyal following it is vital that you show them some love and include them in your plans. Regular customers that visit on a weekly or even a daily basis will think that what you are doing is absolutely correct. So it is important that you include them in the loop about your restaurant remodeling plans and ask their opinion on what they would like to see change and what they want to stay the same.

Know Thy Neighborhood

As with any business endeavor, the success of your restaurant will rely a lot on understanding and providing the needs of the customers. Check out some demographic information on the area to know if the customer base has changed since the opening. For instance, does the data show more young people have moved to the area? It would be a wise move to renovate the bar section to appeal to a much younger set, or consider adding a bar if you do not have one. The actual specifics will depend of course on the kind of place you own and operate but it is a smart move to know who would be the likely folks that will walk through your front door.

Increase Your Efficiency

Restaurant remodeling is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your service to your customers. When customers are satisfied with how the restaurant is designed and paired with excellent food and service, your continued success is definitely guaranteed.

Own A Home Now With FHA Home Loans

FHA home loans are the best because they help you buy a home even with limited credit or low down payment. FHA home loans or Federal Housing Administration loans are a housing mortgage program that is issued by an FHA approved lender like the Livingstone Team and is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA home loans are designed for low-to-moderate-income borrowers. Currently, in 2020 you can borrow up to 96.5% of the value of a home.

Low Down Payment Requirements

One of the perks of getting FHA home loans from an accredited lender is the very low down payment you need to shell out for the mortgage loan program. Many people do not even bother thinking that they can own a home of their own because they believe that the enormous down payment for the loan or mortgage is just too much for them. However, with an FHA home loan program, you need not worry about that. When you apply for an FHA home mortgage loan you get the flexibility used for a down payment and this includes your personal savings, a gift from a family member, and even approved government down payment assistance programs. Most conventional mortgage loan products from lenders require at least a 5% down payment, depending on your credit, and up to 20% down. With an FHA home loan from lenders, you can avail of a very low 3.5% down payment of the purchase price for the mortgage.

Reduced FHA Annual Insurance Premiums

People that apply for FHA home loans are eligible for the newly reduced down payments on annual insurance premiums. Based on estimates from the HUD, the lower premiums will save more than two million FHA homeowners an average of $900 yearly in payments.

Designed To Make The Dream Of Owning A Home A Reality

Approved FHA Home Loan in St Paul Minnesota

FHA home loans are popular with lenders because of the fact that it is federally insured. Since the Housing & Urban Development provides the guidelines, some of the requirements to qualify are more attractive and doable compared to conventional loans. Some of these are excluding deferred student loan payments from debt-to-income calculations and lesser minimum credit score requirements.

Bankruptcy And Foreclosure Does Not Disqualify Borrowers For The Loan

Even if you have filed for bankruptcy or have recently undergone foreclosure of your property you still can apply for an FHA home loan from lenders. You can qualify for FHA home loans in as little as two years after declaring bankruptcy and three years after you had a foreclosure event. You will need to reestablish good credit or select not to incur new debt obligations as well as show that you have the ability to effectively manage your conventional mortgage responsibilities.

Better Allowance of Seller Concessions

FHA home loans let property sellers pay up to 6% of the purchase price to cover closing costs or prepaid items with obtaining the loan. With conventional loans seller contributions are capped at 3% when a borrower puts a down payment that is less than 10%. The increased capability lets you reduce out of pocket costs when buying a home.

How to get FHA Home Loans

Establish Verifiable Income

As with any loan, you will need to establish that you have the ability to pay for the monthly payments and this can be achieved with the establishment of verifiable income. Steady income documents such as pay-stubs and tax returns are the single most important requirement you need to get when applying for the best FHA Home loans. As a rule, lenders need to see that you have a stable job for at least a year or two in the same field. Also, under the FHA program, the lender can still accept a shorter work history from mortgage loan applicants.

Afford the Housing Payments

One of the biggest factors, in order to qualify for FHA home loans, is the ability to pay the monthly mortgage payment. As a guideline, the mortgage payment should not be more than 35% of your income (before taxes) and the mortgage payment and other monthly debt payment obligations such as credit cards, car loan etc. should not be more than 48% of your monthly income.

Prepare the 3.5% Down Payment

The minimum down payment for FHA home loan mortgage products is 3.5%. In actuality, you need to save almost 6% of the home’s purchase price as closing costs need to be put into account as well. This includes an upfront mortgage premium equivalent to 1.75% of the value of the property. There is the possibility of being able to reduce this amount to 1.25% by simply undergoing an FHA-approved credit counseling program before closing.

Establish your Credit History

At the very least, in order to qualify for FHA home loans, applicants must get an established credit history with at least two lines of credit such as a student loan or a credit card.

FICO Score 580-640

In order to get the best FHA Home Loans, your FICO score should at least be 580. However, the FHA is not a lender but the insurer of the loan. Keep in mind that it is the lender that sets the guidelines for the minimum score requirements. Most of the time the score should be around 640 for FHA home loans and 700 for conventional mortgage loan products.

Get FHA home loans as this can make your dream of owning a home a reality. It is important that you know the federally set limits on how much you can borrow for this loan as this varies by state and county. Talk to your lender today to know more about the right FHA home loans that can suit your needs.

Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted Living Home Minneapolis

Many members of the senior community don’t want change especially when it comes to their living arrangements. Sometimes, neighborhoods change or health issues due to old age cause adult children to consider assisted living for their parents. Thye have to come to a decision whether the best solution would be for the senior to stay with them or in an assisted living MN community like The Geneva Suites. Here are some benefits of assisted living.

Safety of the Senior

In a senior residential living setup, the environment is made in such a way that it is comfortable, safe and convenient for the senior to live in.  Many have secure entrances and there is CCTV monitoring to ensure that seniors are not vulnerable to crime as opposed to just living at home. The simple fact that there are other people in the community makes it safer than just living all by their lonesome.

Healthy Meals

Elderly people often get depressed if they eat alone or they may have chronic disease or cognitive decline that prevents them from doing activities of daily living. Assisted living communities provide seniors with their meals so they do not have to worry about this and there are lots of choices for picky eaters too. The biggest advantage though is not the food but the company of other people that they can share a good conversation over a hot meal with.

Safe TransportAssisted Living

Many centers offer group transportation for seniors that want to go shopping or to ferry them to and from community events.  The same is true if they require transportation for doctor appointments.

Assisted Living is Convenient

Renters need to contact a landlord if there are plumbing issues, with homeownership the problem gets much more expensive. In a senior living community all of these hassles are taken care of . There is no worry that the senior could fall prey to some unscrupulous handyman as any repairs or issues within the facility are handled by in-house.


The twilight of one’s years should not be spent living alone. Assisted living communities offer many benefit and conveniences that takes away the worry from seniors allow them to fully enjoy their retirement years in comfort and convenience.


Meeting Other Christian Singles in Your Community

Finding Christian Singles in your Community

Finding Christian Singles in Your Community

Meeting single Christians in your community can be difficult but don’t give up hope. Sometimes you can meet the one in a more obvious place than you expect. Here are a couple of ideas where you look for that special someone who shares your faith.

1) Church

You have probably heard this one a thousand times but your local St Paul church is a great place to find Christian singles who share your faith. It may take a while if you have a rather large church but finding that someone in your church means you can share that experience with them. Some churches in have a singles group and it makes meeting Christian singles that much easier. Even if your church doesn’t have a singles group then you can always participate in their Bible study, retreats, or gatherings. Many churches have retreats to bring their members closer together and conventions are held all around the world for Christians. These can be great ways to meet new people that you normally wouldn’t cross paths with.

2) Mission Trips

Another way to possible meet other single Christians through your church is going on a mission trip. These trips can be a great way to meet new people and get to know them better while strengthening your faith. Mission trips may seem like a drastic measure to meet available Christians but possibly meeting somebody on the trip would simply be a bonus. Taking the mission trip would be foremost about serving god, not finding love. Not to mention missions trips are a great way to make lifelong friends.

Christian Mission Trips

3) Family & Friends

Now I understand that not everyone is going to find Christian singles at their church or church events. Another possible way to meet others who share your faith is through your family and friends. The best part about being set up through family or friends is that they know you and what you look for in a partner. Even if you don’t find anyone this way they can introduce you to new social circles and expand your horizon.

4) Everyday Places

Of course you can always meet singles in the usual places like bars or the grocery store but meeting people in these places doesn’t guarantee that they will share your faith. That doesn’t mean you should be looking in these places though. I personally recommend trying to meet someone at an organization or activity that sparks your interest. By doing this you can meet someone who shares your hobbies or values and if you are lucky then that someone will share your faith too. If you aren’t sure what activities or organizations to join try signing up for a class or workshop that you are interested in. You can gain a new hobby or skill and meet people who share that same interest. It’s always important to share a common interest with the person you are dating and it’s a great way to start a relationship.

5) Online Christian Dating Sites

This last suggestion may not appeal to some of you but you can’t deny the success it has had for some people. Online dating is becoming more and more popular each year and there is 100s of online Christian dating sites out there. Some positive things about these sites is that they don’t just match you with someone who shares your beliefs but with someone who also shares your interest and hobbies. Online dating may not seem like the best idea but it is by far the easiest way to find the best Christian singles in your area. Many of these Christian dating sites have incredible statistics and testimonies supporting their success in setting up couples.

In Conclusion

There are many great places in and around your community where you can meet other Christian singles. Safe places like your church, adventurous places like mission trips or perhaps the modern way…online dating sites. No matter what your favorite these are all great suggestions to meet others of your religion and faith.

5 Affiliate Programs for Local Internet Marketers

Local Affiliate Program Logos

Did you know that you could promote businesses in St. Paul, help other residents save money and put a few dollars in your pocket at the same time? Well, you actually can. Here are five affiliate programs that you could promote on your St. Paul MN related blog or website.

Not exactly a flip of the pen, but if you’ve got the skills, interest, and the content strategy, bloggin’ shouldn’t be too hard once you’ve decided whom to partner up with.

Aye, but there’s the rub; choosing the right affiliate program and, consequently, the product(s) to further to your audience is no small task. Why don’t you then take all of them? Or, to be more precise, why don’t you promote only the best, the most alluring local deals? Here are 5 of the smartest local internet marketing affiliate programs.

  1. Groupon – If there’s a company that readily takes affiliates, it has to be this one. Groupon has risen to stardom through its affiliates, who promote thousands of local daily deals across nearly as many cities. The merchants and their products are abundant, with everything from food to electronics to hotels offered as a daily coupon deal. Commission varies; from really small percentage and up to 10%.
  1. LivingSocial – Once a decisive number 2 to Groupon, Livingsocial is now a part of the Groupon group. Its approach is a bit different though, focusing primarily on things-to-do and places-to-visit locally. There are local and nationwide daily deals for other types of products too, but restaurants, spas, sport & fitness deals, and travel destination are the main concerns of LivingSocial. The commission is similar to that of Groupon.
  1. Restaurant.comThe name says it all. About 20,000 restaurants nationwide, the directory is the ultimate eatery deals solution. Making a transition from the likes of Groupon to means that you’ve shrank your niche to a single type of product, which is always a good thing. And with a commission of 15%, you shouldn’t think twice as to whether to apply.
  1. DealFlicks – Another niche-focused deal company, only this time it’s all about the movies. If you already own a movies blog or have a reputable social media presence, promoting DealFlick ticket deals can only do you good. The company pays its affiliates the fixed price, it being $4 per action completed /ticket bought.
  1. SeatGeek – Movies are not the only place where you can sit and enjoy the good show. Seat Geek knows it well enough, and offers deals for a whole variety of venues, from sports arenas to concerts halls.

These are just a handful of affiliate programs that are available to local affiliate markers. We asked Anne Fognano of Affiliate Management Solutions about these programs and she said “these programs provide a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in promoting local businesses and earning some extra money in affiliate marketing”. Now, promoting a few programs in your home town might now make you rich but it’s a great way to get involved in Internet marketing and earn a little spending money, for more information check out her company website.

What Residents In St Paul MN Are Searching For And How To Be Found

Wither it’s looking for a new dentist, home repair professional, something to do or an exciting new restaurant to visit, residents of St. Paul, MN are always looking for something. But the big question for those looking to be found is “What good and services are residents looking for” and “How are they finding new businesses and services”. It will come as no surprise to any business owner but the first thing that most people do is take out their phone, or if they are 90, go to their computer, and do a quick Google search.

So, what are people looking for in St. Paul when they do a search?
“St. Paul minnesota” – 18,100/searches per month
“St. Paul minnesota points of interest” – 320/searches per month
“St. Paul mn restaurants” – 590/searches per month
“St. Paul mn jobs” – 210/searches per month
“St. Paul mn newspaper” – 720/searches per month
“St. Paul plumbers” – 170/searches per month
“St. Paul electrician” – 40/searches per month
“St. Paul Dentist” – 590/searches per month

As a business owner how do you position yourself so you can get found? To get some tips we turned to the Big League Search – SEO Agency to get some practical tips that you can take now to increase your exposure to potential customers. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure that your site is setup to help you succeed in the next phase of business.

  1. More and more we are living in a mobile world, more than half of all web traffic is from individuals searching on their phone. That’s why its important for your site to be mobile friendly and FAST. Enter your site into the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to find out if there are any glaring issues with your website. Nate Meyer recommends, that the biggest red flags to look at are, is you’re website mobile friendly? If not you need to think about upgrading your website to be mobile responsive. If either your mobile or desktop score is blow 40 you should probabl talk to a professional.
  2. Establish your brand all over the Internet. You’ve been told again and again that you need to be on social media, while that’s true that isn’t what I’m talking about. There are hundreds of social sites that you can establish your brand on. Beyond the obvious of Yelp, you should also consider creating a page for your business on, Vimeo, Tumblr,, and Does a search “list of social networks” and find websites that fit your business. All these accounts help establish your brand raise you’re authority and trust.
  3. Know exactly what people are searching for and optimize your site for those searches. For example, 590 people search for “st paul dentist” but only 50 people search for “dentists in st. paul”, this is valuable information when you are deciding what to use for your Meta Title and Page Title. Advanced research like this can also help you choose the best domain name for your business too. All these factors add up to improving your site’s ability to rank in the search engines.

These are just a few steps that anybody can take to help improve their site, you don’t have to be a search engine optimization master to take action either. As Nate said, imperfect action is better than no action at all. If you want to learn more about SEO we encourage you to follow on Twitter, they are always posting helpful tips and news in their feed.

A Strangers Guide To St. Paul Minnesota

Over the past decade the state of Minnesota has produced an ever growing economy and a reputation as a well run state government that takes care of it’s citizen, educating it’s population to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. That’s why St. Paul has become a destination for people looking for jobs and a good life.

Get To Know The History
The area that now makes up St. Paul has been a hub of activity for more than just the past 150 years, For thousands of years the Hopewell Native American tribe was active in the area, in more recent pre-history the Dakota were the most active group in the area.  Just like most river from the 19th century, St. Paul has a rich history. From it’s start as a small on calve knows as “Pigs Eye”, to days as a haven for Chicago’s gangsters.

Things to do in St. Paul
As the capital city of Minnesota, St. Paul is home to many of the great institutions of the state. The Science Museum of MN, the Minnesota History Center, the Cathedral of St. Paul and the always popular Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. St. Paul is filled with amazing attractions for the day, the month or a lifetime.

Find A Job
St. Paul has the distinction of being home to one of the best employees in the nation, 3M, UnitedHealth Group and US Bancop. With major employers like that there are jobs in town that will weather an economic slowdown. From Engineering positions at 3M. Diverse jobs available in the always growing Health industry for people of all backgrounds. Not to mention in the finance industry with major employeers like US Bancorp and Ameriprise. There are plenty of jobs for diverse, education work force