5 Affiliate Programs for Local Internet Marketers

Local Affiliate Program Logos

Did you know that you could promote businesses in St. Paul, help other residents save money and put a few dollars in your pocket at the same time? Well, you actually can. Here are five affiliate programs that you could promote on your St. Paul MN related blog or website.

Not exactly a flip of the pen, but if you’ve got the skills, interest, and the content strategy, bloggin’ shouldn’t be too hard once you’ve decided whom to partner up with.

Aye, but there’s the rub; choosing the right affiliate program and, consequently, the product(s) to further to your audience is no small task. Why don’t you then take all of them? Or, to be more precise, why don’t you promote only the best, the most alluring local deals? Here are 5 of the smartest local internet marketing affiliate programs.

  1. Groupon – If there’s a company that readily takes affiliates, it has to be this one. Groupon has risen to stardom through its affiliates, who promote thousands of local daily deals across nearly as many cities. The merchants and their products are abundant, with everything from food to electronics to hotels offered as a daily coupon deal. Commission varies; from really small percentage and up to 10%.
  1. LivingSocial – Once a decisive number 2 to Groupon, Livingsocial is now a part of the Groupon group. Its approach is a bit different though, focusing primarily on things-to-do and places-to-visit locally. There are local and nationwide daily deals for other types of products too, but restaurants, spas, sport & fitness deals, and travel destination are the main concerns of LivingSocial. The commission is similar to that of Groupon.
  1. Restaurant.comThe name says it all. About 20,000 restaurants nationwide, the directory is the ultimate eatery deals solution. Making a transition from the likes of Groupon to means that you’ve shrank your niche to a single type of product, which is always a good thing. And with a commission of 15%, you shouldn’t think twice as to whether to apply.
  1. DealFlicks – Another niche-focused deal company, only this time it’s all about the movies. If you already own a movies blog or have a reputable social media presence, promoting DealFlick ticket deals can only do you good. The company pays its affiliates the fixed price, it being $4 per action completed /ticket bought.
  1. SeatGeek – Movies are not the only place where you can sit and enjoy the good show. Seat Geek knows it well enough, and offers deals for a whole variety of venues, from sports arenas to concerts halls.

These are just a handful of affiliate programs that are available to local affiliate markers. We asked Anne Fognano of Affiliate Management Solutions about these programs and she said “these programs provide a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in promoting local businesses and earning some extra money in affiliate marketing”. Now, promoting a few programs in your home town might now make you rich but it’s a great way to get involved in Internet marketing and earn a little spending money, for more information check out her company website.