Meeting Other Christian Singles in Your Community

Finding Christian Singles in your Community

Finding Christian Singles in Your Community

Meeting single Christians in your community can be difficult but don’t give up hope. Sometimes you can meet the one in a more obvious place than you expect. Here are a couple of ideas where you look for that special someone who shares your faith.

1) Church

You have probably heard this one a thousand times but your local St Paul church is a great place to find Christian singles who share your faith. It may take a while if you have a rather large church but finding that someone in your church means you can share that experience with them. Some churches in have a singles group and it makes meeting Christian singles that much easier. Even if your church doesn’t have a singles group then you can always participate in their Bible study, retreats, or gatherings. Many churches have retreats to bring their members closer together and conventions are held all around the world for Christians. These can be great ways to meet new people that you normally wouldn’t cross paths with.

2) Mission Trips

Another way to possible meet other single Christians through your church is going on a mission trip. These trips can be a great way to meet new people and get to know them better while strengthening your faith. Mission trips may seem like a drastic measure to meet available Christians but possibly meeting somebody on the trip would simply be a bonus. Taking the mission trip would be foremost about serving god, not finding love. Not to mention missions trips are a great way to make lifelong friends.

Christian Mission Trips

3) Family & Friends

Now I understand that not everyone is going to find Christian singles at their church or church events. Another possible way to meet others who share your faith is through your family and friends. The best part about being set up through family or friends is that they know you and what you look for in a partner. Even if you don’t find anyone this way they can introduce you to new social circles and expand your horizon.

4) Everyday Places

Of course you can always meet singles in the usual places like bars or the grocery store but meeting people in these places doesn’t guarantee that they will share your faith. That doesn’t mean you should be looking in these places though. I personally recommend trying to meet someone at an organization or activity that sparks your interest. By doing this you can meet someone who shares your hobbies or values and if you are lucky then that someone will share your faith too. If you aren’t sure what activities or organizations to join try signing up for a class or workshop that you are interested in. You can gain a new hobby or skill and meet people who share that same interest. It’s always important to share a common interest with the person you are dating and it’s a great way to start a relationship.

5) Online Christian Dating Sites

This last suggestion may not appeal to some of you but you can’t deny the success it has had for some people. Online dating is becoming more and more popular each year and there is 100s of online Christian dating sites out there. Some positive things about these sites is that they don’t just match you with someone who shares your beliefs but with someone who also shares your interest and hobbies. Online dating may not seem like the best idea but it is by far the easiest way to find the best Christian singles in your area. Many of these Christian dating sites have incredible statistics and testimonies supporting their success in setting up couples.

In Conclusion

There are many great places in and around your community where you can meet other Christian singles. Safe places like your church, adventurous places like mission trips or perhaps the modern way…online dating sites. No matter what your favorite these are all great suggestions to meet others of your religion and faith.