A Strangers Guide To St. Paul Minnesota

Over the past decade the state of Minnesota has produced an ever growing economy and a reputation as a well run state government that takes care of it’s citizen, educating it’s population to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. That’s why St. Paul has become a destination for people looking for jobs and a good life.

Get To Know The History
The area that now makes up St. Paul has been a hub of activity for more than just the past 150 years, For thousands of years the Hopewell Native American tribe was active in the area, in more recent pre-history the Dakota were the most active group in the area.  Just like most river from the 19th century, St. Paul has a rich history. From it’s start as a small on calve knows as “Pigs Eye”, to days as a haven for Chicago’s gangsters.

Things to do in St. Paul
As the capital city of Minnesota, St. Paul is home to many of the great institutions of the state. The Science Museum of MN, the Minnesota History Center, the Cathedral of St. Paul and the always popular Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. St. Paul is filled with amazing attractions for the day, the month or a lifetime.

Find A Job
St. Paul has the distinction of being home to one of the best employees in the nation, 3M, UnitedHealth Group and US Bancop. With major employers like that there are jobs in town that will weather an economic slowdown. From Engineering positions at 3M. Diverse jobs available in the always growing Health industry for people of all backgrounds. Not to mention in the finance industry with major employeers like US Bancorp and Ameriprise. There are plenty of jobs for diverse, education work force